A note from Gail:

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for coming out last night to the show. It was a fabulous night, with a turn out from the community and cast and crew of about 200 people. I was going to be happy if 50 people turned out. Everything went very well with the showing but I was hoping to go through and talk about each of your performances, what you brought to it and how what you did made the script even better. I got to Fran and then got cut off, but each of you did such a wonderful job and seeing your performances was humbling for me, to take the words I gave you and see you turn each character into a person that, no matter how silly or crazy, was ultimately a believable,  likable character. You were all so encouraging, helpful, supportive and excited about this project, those of you who acted and those who came out last night to see the final product. This morning, looking back on this thing that we created together, I am in awe of how it all happened – how many things had to work and be in place to pull it off and it never would have been possible without all of you. Last night was for all of you but you deserve so much more. Thank you all so, so much 🙂

With love-

About WalpolePlayers

We are a community theater in Walpole, New Hampshire.
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