A CHRISTMAS CAROL for 2015 Cancelled — but read on….

A CHRISTMAS CAROL for 2015 Cancelled — but read on….

Mr. Dickens will not be in Walpole this December to read his classic tale, A CHRISTMAS CAROL.  You may recall that last year the show, produced and directed by Ray Boas and Tara Sad, was short of cast members and almost cancelled. The required additional actors were found, however, and the 7th annual production went on.

Sadly, this year only 25 percent of the needed forty people arrived to audition. Previous cast members had moved, others told us of conflicting plans, and many of the younger cast members have grown out of their parts and are involved in other school activities. In an email to all Walpole Players and friends, Ray and Tara reported, “It is with heavy hearts that there will not be A CHRISTMAS CAROL this year. … A CHRISTMAS CAROL has always been a gift from the Walpole Players to the town, and one that we hope you have all enjoyed. … We will be encouraging contributions from the community to the Fall Mountain Food Shelf and Our-Place Drop-In Center to help make up the loss from the production this holiday season.” It was a great seven-year run, bringing $24,197 in cash donations to the Fall Mountain Food Shelf and Our-Place Drop-In Center.

Out of disappointment and discussion, however, a plan was hatched to allow The Walpole Players’ audiences to continue to make their donations to the food shelves, while at the same time helping to support our town retailers during this festive season.

 Details on our 8th Annual Fundraiser for
area Food Shelves will be announced shortly

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We are a community theater in Walpole, New Hampshire.
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