A CHRISTMAS CAROL – In our final two weeks, and here are details

Hi All,

“Home stretch” as it can be said, our final two weeks and we start full run-throughs this Sunday, day after tomorrow.  That means the entire cast.
On Sunday the carolers will meet for the first time at 1:30 PM at the Town Hall.  Tara has contacted that group, and if you are not sure if you are included, email her please.
Then at 2PM Sunday (December 1st) we run with everyone straight through in sequence.
On Tuesday, 3 December, a number of our younger members are involved in the school concert, so we may have a “fast” two full-runs with the remaining cast starting at 6:30.
Following is Thursday, 5 December — 6:30 — FULL CAST — FULL RUN-THROUGH
That is followed with Sunday the 8th — 2PM — FULL CAST — FULL RUN-THROUGH
And that is it for rehearsals because we will have a full-dress rehearsal (the real thing) on Tuesday, 10 December, and the curtain goes up for our audiences December 11-14 at 7 PM
Cast call for the last week – Tuesday through Saturday is 5:30 for makeup and costumes.  On Sunday the 8th, all costumes will be there as well as Ms. Costume Lady herself to make sure all is correct on you.
If you have any questions, please contact Tara or me.  Again, remember, from here on out everyone is scheduled to be present.  We have a large cast, so everyone’s help is sincerely appreciated. Thank you, yours, RAY

About WalpolePlayers

We are a community theater in Walpole, New Hampshire.
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