Hi Cast,

Thank you for joining us this year.  On this page you will find links to the vital information you need for rehearsals, etc. that you can read here or print out. (click on highlighted links – you can print out the PDFs)

Also, for any updates please sign up to follow this blog (look to instructions on the left) so you will get an email whenever we have to post any changes or important details for everyone.


CHARACTERS IN EACH STAVE – so you know which rehearsal day to come


COSTUMES — Will be provided by Costume Ladies, LLC, at 54 Main Street in Walpole (rear of Law office).  It is best if you call or email first for an appointment.

Email – costumeladiesllc@myfairpoint.net  or call 603 756-3113

Barbara Kasper has provided this information to us for you to follow:

Dear Christmas Carol-ers,

Here we are once again preparing for A Christmas Carol.  Again I will be costuming the production.  To make the process go as  smoothly as possible, I request that each of you contact me to make an appointment  before you come in to be fitted for your costume(s).

Many people have the same periods of free time (especially those with children, who tend to come in after school), and unintentionally often all show up simultaneously.  This can quickly become a difficult situation as my shop is small, and I am usually the only one here.  It will be easier for me and less tedious for you if I need wait on only one or two people at a time.  Also, it would be deeply appreciated in the case of children if only the actor/actress comes in with the parent.  Non-acting siblings distract the parent (and me) and complicate the process.

Thanks very much for your understanding and cooperation ~ Barbara

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